[From “Six Strides Counter-Spinwise”] Twiddle Thee Thumbs

Ok, so I really gotta get better at updating this.

I went to ConDWF two weekends ago, met up with a bunch of old friends and had a generally great time. So, not a droplet of writing (and very few droplets of sleep). Then I spent a few days recovering.

This past weekend, I caught up on errands and tried to get out of the apartment. And the rest of the time, I played The Witcher (one of these days, I will finish it, despite my struggle with a few of its unique, er, gaming elements). So, not much writing then either.

On the bright side, I did edit away at Flipside of Reason and gave it a new ending. I’ve now forwarded it to a couple of writing buddies for feedback. If I don’t hear from either by this evening, it’s off tomorrow.

I’ve also made it through a scene in Pack that was giving me some trouble, and I’ve jumpstarted Prehistoric again. I’m getting a much clearer idea of what the “ancestors” are gonna be like, and I’m making things tougher for myself, because I’m really taking away all reasons for the protagonist to actually want to work with them. There can be something called too much conflict. But in the wise words of a smarter, younger me, “oh, well.” The situation probably calls for an outline, but seeing how effective the outline’s proven for the progress of Pack, I think I’ll hold off on it for some time.

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