Endangered Languages Project

I’m not a linguist, but I’ve always had a mild fascination with languages. I don’t know many, and my memory’s too bad to retain any I don’t use regularly. But I’ve picked up bits and pieces from a bunch and still occasionally go on a kick to pick up bits and pieces from yet another new obscure one. Plus, I have used two very different languages for fiction, which I believe is a sign I have a good enough handle of these two languages to go beyond using them for rudimentary communication. (and I’ve also created my own two separate writing “systems” and one “language” I’ve so far populated with about twenty or so grammar rules and several hundred words, that I fairly proud of)

So, needless to say, when I stumbled onto this website, it struck a chord with me. I don’t know if I will (and how I can) get involved, but I’ll definitely be on the cheerleading squad for it!

Highlights of Yesterday

So, first and foremost — I wrote last night! And I don’t mean that I nibbled at a story. I actually sat down and the scenes unfolded, easily and naturally, like they do when I CAN write. This is a big deal, because it had been a while. I think I needed to get some of that piled up lelf-brain energy off my chest before I could dive back into writing.

So — yey!

Other things that are happening:

1. I’m not a big tech-geek. I know my way inside and out of a computer, I generally follow new developments in electronics for the hell of it, but you won’t see me getting all excited about gadgets. Well, ok, you might, but it wouldn’t be in the “I-want-one” sort of way, unless it’s, lets say, a spaceship. Or a teleport. Or a time machine. Or an eternal youth generator. You get the idea.

BUT! I just ordered a Entourage Edge, and I’m hyper-excited about it. Now, I wouldn’t call it a cutting-edge technology device. It’s pretty much a tablet netbook combined with an e-reader.  It’s not even that fancy. Or sleek. Or even feature-loaded. But, you see, when e-readers first started coming out, I said “What a neat concept!” I have a tough time reading on backlit screens, so this promised to be the perfect solution for me to go paperless without going blind. Then, however, came the blow. What do you mean, I can’t store or edit my stories, or see or touch up my artwork / photos in color on the damn things? Or, considering it’s the 21st century, what do you mean I can’t access Wikipedia or my online dictionary, or search the net, or check my email, or, or…

You get the idea. I didn’t want yet another dedicated piece of electronics sitting around my place. Yes, modern e-readers have a lot more flexibility and features nowadays, but they still feel like limited purpose devices with some bells and whistles to make the marketing team happy. The Entourage Edge promises to be a different story. I can’t wait to play with it!

2. I’m going on a trip kick. Traveling to Asia and not having any free time to explore maybe reawakened the bug. Or maybe wrapping up some stressful projects at work has given me the peace of mind to think about wandering around the world again. Don’t know. Anyway. Right now, I haven’t even settled on a destination yet. But I’m starting to look into it. More to come.