Consolidation, Inc.

So, I’ve decided to consolidate all my old blogs into this one. The Writing Diary will remain its own thing, since that’s how it was designed since day one. The others are just original attempts at a more generic blog. The articles belong here. So, I’ll repost everything here, maintaining the correct dates. I’ll even keep the “hey, look, a new blog” posts, so that I have, for my own sake, some idea of where the switches had happened.


May-June 2014 Trip Highlight #1

Okay, so for this trip, I finally decided to invest in a nicer camera (a compact sensor one). I don’t want to make this a review of the camera (I will ramble much, and not all of it will be good), so I’ll skip that part. But I’ll post some of the nicer photos here, just because … why the hell not?

Hong Kong, walking from train station to Airport Express station. Beautiful night!

Hong Kong: I’d never before been able to take a good photo of this boat. Now, it showed its best side…

Seoul, beautiful colors…

Seoul, old palace.

Seoul, a neat “pot,” with what was my inspiration for the “scholar stones” in one of my stories after the first time I visited South Korea (and a utterly scandalized face in it, for the more imaginative ones out there).

Seoul, view to the south.

Seoul, view to the north (this was about 15 minutes before a thunderstorm kicked up behind those mountains).

Seoul: and to finish this … apricots. Yum.

Finally Home…

Was on a longer business/time-off trip again, and it’s good to be back.

So good, I have the inexplicable desire to write about the trip.

I’ve decided to split the posts into topics, in the hope that that will help me post at least a couple of the ones I intend to post as of right now — before I get bored. =D

Harry Harrison …

… has passed away. A sad day.

The Stainless Steel Rat series had a huge impact on me (and my writing — probably one of the most potent influences I’ve had so far) … In my world, Harry Harrison will always be one of the Greats. Rest in peace, sir, and thank you.

Because I’m a Geek…

… and have nobody to call up to totally gush along with, I went to twitter and checked out other people gushing. Hey ya!

But there were some memorable tweets… So, here’s my favorite so far:

— From now on, when anyone tells you anything is impossible, just point to Mars and say “Skycrane. Your argument is invalid.” (SpaceUp)

And the runner-up:

— The nerds just took Gold in the 560 billion metres. (Eugene Byrne)

And on a more serious note:

— Today was a day about the worst we have to offer, and tonight was a night featuring the best of us. That’s why we do this. (Joshua Lyman)

In other news, about the first press conference … can the NASA guy shut up about politics and give the team the word, please?

Oh, and “mohawk guy” (Bobak Ferdowsi), is apparently going viral.

Wheels Down on Mars!

Curiosity has landed, and has just sent back its first images!

Outstanding job, guys! Outstanding!

“This is amazing.” — way to understate things, Allen Chen!

(not that “outstanding” isn’t an understatement either)


Let the journey begin!

Endangered Languages Project

I’m not a linguist, but I’ve always had a mild fascination with languages. I don’t know many, and my memory’s too bad to retain any I don’t use regularly. But I’ve picked up bits and pieces from a bunch and still occasionally go on a kick to pick up bits and pieces from yet another new obscure one. Plus, I have used two very different languages for fiction, which I believe is a sign I have a good enough handle of these two languages to go beyond using them for rudimentary communication. (and I’ve also created my own two separate writing “systems” and one “language” I’ve so far populated with about twenty or so grammar rules and several hundred words, that I fairly proud of)

So, needless to say, when I stumbled onto this website, it struck a chord with me. I don’t know if I will (and how I can) get involved, but I’ll definitely be on the cheerleading squad for it!

San Diego Comic Con 2012

Two years in a row, I went as a +1 of a pro (acted as “assistant” to an old friend). This year, I finally decided to jump through the hoops (ey-ya!) and have just gotten my registration confirmation for my (regular attendee) tickets. Won’t be able to make it on the Saturday, but I look forward to the craziness Thursday, Friday, and Sunday!