[From “Nothing Much — And Then Even Less”] Heroic Fantasy Quarterly

I’ve discovered a place that publishes short fantasy fiction that I actually enjoy reading!

You can find it at:


Perfectly readable fiction, with engaging characters and intriguing situations, and that classical quality of having an actual story to tell (as opposed to a point to make, which I’ve been seeing too much in modern SF/F short fiction).

The focus of the magazine is on Heroic and Sword&Sorcery Fantasy (action, adventure, and People Doing the Right Thing). It’s great to see a quite well done revival of this sub-genre.

I look forward to the next issue!

Also, here’s a link to an interview with the editors:

Heroic Fantasy Quarterly — The Interview

(I’ve linked the first part — for the other two, go to the “Newer Post” link on the bottom of the blog)

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