[From “Six Strides Counter-Spinwise”] Midweek musings

Well, I had a really bad day at work. Almost screamed at a coworker, then had a momentary lapse of judgment and expressed my frustration in front of my boss. So, I’m not sure what kind of mess I’ve started. I’ll feel REALLY horrible if the whole thing gets back to that coworker of mine. I was in my right to be upset, I think, but the guy’s not having an easy time himself, so I should have just kept it between us two.

I’ll try to do damage control tomorrow (oh boy, oh boy, those are always fun) but I’m frankly getting a little tired of this nonsense. Ultimately, it really isn’t the guy’s fault — it’s the company culture that’s just spectacularly EFFed up. The lines that are drawn between responsibilities make no sense and cause such major cluster EFFs, it’s really a wonder the beast can even move.

But, anyway.

On the writing side, I’ve discovered the Hatrack River Writers’ Workshop Forum. It looks like a decent place, and they do critiques on the first 13 lines of short stories or novel chapters. I never realized the importance of these first 13 lines (which, incidently, are a first page on a properly formatted manuscript). I guess we learn something new every day.

So, I got brave and posted the first 13 of Flipside. So far, I actually have very encouraging reviews! And I have offers from a couple of members to critique the whole thing. I’m not really sure I want to go for that. Not that I can’t use more feedback, I’m just not sure if I want to send the story out to effectively complete strangers.

On a less encouraging note, I read Chapter 4 of Prehistoric to the local writers’ group and got all thumbs down. Lack of voice, apparently. I know I didn’t give a very good intro to the whole thing, but I’m pretty sure that wasn’t the sole problem. I try to set up a generally dismissive, slightly detached voice using kind of a mock-formal vocabulary… apparently, the formal comes too strong, and the mock doesn’t. So, it’s probably back to the drawing board with this one. Or maybe I’ll just let it sit for a while, then try to maybe refine the voice. But I guess I’ll see when I cross that bridge.

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