2011 In Review

A few days until the end of the year, so I figure I’d do some reflection.

It’s kinda strange that so much happened this past year — yet right at this moment, it all feels so removed in time… I wonder if this is what getting old feels like. Or maybe I’m just excessively tired. One thing’s for sure — I’m looking forward to the new year quite a bit. 

So, 2011…

The world went through quite a bit of turmoil and change… The uprisings — successful or not — in the Middle East and the civil war in Libya. Bombings in Russia and Somalia, and shootings in Norway. Shrinking economies and global financial woes. Earthquakes and tsunamies, and the hurt and damages they caused. More volcano eruptions. Floods in Southeast Asia. Breaking the seven billion human population mark.

Good things happened too, of course — a bunch of internationally recognized baddies bit the dust. Anthropology has been having a good year. So have planet hunters and elementary particles hunters. We had some nice medical advances as well (successful first-of-a-kind medical transplants, figuring out the sources of some really bad diseases and illnesses, to hopefully one day tackle them, etc.)

Here in the U.S., it’s been a political and economic mess. Displays of pettiness and incompetency by the vast majority of politicians, disheartening prospects for next year as an election year, the growing dissatisfaction of the population losing steam and sprouting the unfortunately inadequate various Occupy movements. Crazy tendencies in intellectual property laws. More culling of the internet. Not a very good year for democracy. Not a very good year at all, on average.

On a personal level, it was a more or less temperate year. I went from a resident to a citizen, survived layoffs and reorganization at my job, visited a new country (South Korea). Got involved with a Sikrit(TM) new project that may or may not grow into something bigger. Had a book cover published by a small press. Did a lot of reading and research and planning for what might become my personal business venture in 2012. Didn’t write and draw as much as I wanted (or should have). Have been facing some health issues (thankfully none too serious at this very moment, but a very loud reminder I’m growing physically old). Have been having an iffy luck with technology, and an even iffier luck in my personal relationships. Shut down my writing group. Have been very, VERY short on time and not good at all at managing my stress levels.

In previous years, I’ve done best and worst of the year in books and movies, but I think I’ll pass this year. Probably part of my frustrations with 2011 is that I didn’t read as much as I’d have liked, or catch many movies. Convention and conference-wise, I only made it to the San Diego Comic-Con, and even there, I didn’t have many highlights. The beginning of the year was disappointing for cRPGs (really, BioWare, what were you thinking?), and my rig crashed before I could find the time to play the other games I was looking forward to (Witcher 2, Deus Ex2, Skyrim) (oh, and yes, when I’m talking about “iffy luck,” I’m being very, very restrained in my sentiments).

So, I think I’ll leave it at that. Considering everything else that’s been happening in the world around me, it’s hard to complain about 2011. Still, I’m ready to close the page on it, and tackle 2012.

Here’s to a better next year!

The Land of OCKT and the Adventures of Peeje, the Kat Herder

Today, my good friend M. O. Muriel announces the official release of her middle-grade fantasy illustrated novel “The Land of OCKT and the Adventures of Peeje, the Kat Herder.”

Go check it out at Smashwords:


or visit the official facebook page, where you can see the book illustrations in their full glory:


What can I say — I’m insanely proud of my friend for choosing the curvy road of e-publishing! Go share the joy! Join the fun! Whatcha waiting for? Go!!


Okay, so I think I’ve managed to recover most of my old posts (unfortunately, the few comments there were, are gone for good). I’m not too happy with this layout, but I’ll keep it until I get the inspiration to change it to my liking.

Now, back to our regular programming.

Well, Well…

I just experienced a major crash (back-up / storage related, not WordPress-related) and lost… well, everything I had online. So, my previous blog… *poof* It’s gone. Google cache still has copies of some of the posts, so I’ll try to recover whatever I can. And maybe I’ll use the opportunity to get my older blogger posts transferred here too.

Or maybe not. We’ll see.

Internet Coolity!

Big fan of Matthew Woodring Stover and his Acts of Caine books. And some really cool folk have teamed up with Matt to make a comic based on early Caine adventures in Overworld.

If you like Matt’s work, please back the OverWorld.tv Project on KickStarter! Or if you’ve never read the books, but you’re feeling generous, go back it! Or if you think there hasn’t been anything good coming out in the creative world of fiction and comics and want to contribute to change that, go back it! Or if you just wanna be awesome, yes, you got it — go back it!

Here’s the link:  Matthew Stover’s OverWorld at Kickstarter.

Go! Back the OverWorld.tv project! Make the world a better place!