Because I’m a Geek…

… and have nobody to call up to totally gush along with, I went to twitter and checked out other people gushing. Hey ya!

But there were some memorable tweets… So, here’s my favorite so far:

— From now on, when anyone tells you anything is impossible, just point to Mars and say “Skycrane. Your argument is invalid.” (SpaceUp)

And the runner-up:

— The nerds just took Gold in the 560 billion metres. (Eugene Byrne)

And on a more serious note:

— Today was a day about the worst we have to offer, and tonight was a night featuring the best of us. That’s why we do this. (Joshua Lyman)

In other news, about the first press conference … can the NASA guy shut up about politics and give the team the word, please?

Oh, and “mohawk guy” (Bobak Ferdowsi), is apparently going viral.

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