Shut Up! Even Spambots Hate What You Have to Say!

So, I have my fair share of spam coming in as comments on my blog. I read through them, just in case it’s not spam, but the blood and sweat of some random soul that’s lost its way and thinks they’re commenting on someone else’s blog.

Plus, well, it’s nice to read “your article was very thoughtfully written” or “I liked what you have to say on this topic” from time to time, even if you know it’s not really directed at you, and was posted under your hotlink to a cheesy heavy metal youtube video.

But lately, I’ve noticed a new trend. More and more often, the random text between the links in the spam comments has been a critique of my “article”. Today, for example, a lovely spambot commented on the length of my post and how I should focus on just the keypoints of the subject matter and not include the “parts that people ignore.”

Well, how about that. As if my writerly ego needs any more stomping.

(by the way, this particular comment went to my “Your Esteemed Host Draws Dragons …” post =)