In a Mood to Organize

Poignantly uncreative right now. But in the mood to put things in neat lists and graphs… So, I figure I’ll do some tallying here too, for the hell of it.

Since this blog is supposed to be mainly writing-related, I’ve decided to make a neat list of the stories that I’m most likely to have something to say about here. That is, here are the stories that I currently consider “active.”

The long stuff:

1. The Journeyman: a, err, “hard” fantasy story about a world where the “magic” is dying, rather violently, and about the people who get drawn into figuring out why, and what to do about it.

2. Broken Circles: a fantasy story about a group of young friends who get torn apart when they become involved in the events that promise to be the fall of a realm.

3. Castles of Sand and Stones: a “hard” fantasy story without magic, in which a bastard child becomes the catalyst for the rebirth of a fallen empire.

4. Dead Men’s Stand: a “hard” fantasy story about two groups of warriors that band together in an attempt to slow the expansion of an empire.

5. All Things Made of Shadows: a soft-y sci-fi meets fantasy story (technically, a science fantasy story) about a hi-tech army officer who befriends a low-tech sorcerer, in order to guarantee the safe return of her squad to their home world.

6. Dancing with Demons: a mushy-soft space opera about two mercenaries getting to the bottom of a conspiracy to topple over the current government in their piece of space.

7. Gargoyle II: an adventure sci-fi story about a 25th century crew of a relativistic spacecraft ending up in a rather intolerant 29th century.

8. Sake of the Pack: a sci-fi story about a man who gets involved with upsetting the balance between the two governments vying for control of several stellar systems in a part of space that, until recently, was isolated due to a technological disaster.

9. Brief Horizons: a sci-fi story with military and hard sci-fi elements, about a team of mercenaries drawn into the Solar System-wide conflict between two distinct branches of humanity.

The short stuff:

1. Linking Rings: a “hard” fantasy story about two men who “switch sides” and are pitted against each other in a mission that each has reasons to hesitate completing.

2. Gain of a Man Less: a near-future sci-fi story about a police detective forced to work with technology he distrusts, to solve a crime that might change the way the world perceives this technology.

The stuff with undecided length:

1. Turn of the Wilds: a science/folk fantasy story about humanity attempting to rebuild after it has lost a war against nature.

2. Crossing Roads: a fantasy story about a man cursed to an eternal life of compulsion to protect a country that’s long ago disappeared from the world map, and his encounter with a group that might be finally able to free him from his curse.

I guess this list also serves to show how scatterbrained I am. (Mind you, this is not a list of all my stories — just the ones I’m currently ”working” on, and each is at a various stages of completion, starting from just 1.5K words for Gain of a Man Less, to 90K words for Broken Circles)

So, welcome to the wonderful writing world of Rilan White.