[From “Nothing Much — And Then Even Less”] Excuses, excuses…

I’ve been a sporadic entrant into the Writers of the Future contest (and sometimes the Illustrator part too) for the last two years. Today is the last day to submit for the 4th quarter for this year’s round. I had considered submitting both art and writing. But, my printer decided to not cooperate and printed everything purple (I just moved, so I probably need to reset and recalibrate the thing), and I didn’t finish the story I planned on sending till 1:20am last night — and I usually need it to sit for a few days before I can give it a final edit and have the confidence it’s not complete garbage.

So, I’m not entering anything this quarter. Ah, well.

I still haven’t heard on my submission for last quarter. I know my art submission bombed (my friend, the super-cool M.O. Muriel, got finalist, so I know the winners have been contacted — and I’ve heard zilch), and my story was on the sucky/experimental side, so my expectations for it aren’t high.

On the other hand, after the final edit on the short, I can go back to my longer writing. I expect I’ll come back from Massachusetts with a serious amount of notes for the Viable Paradise piece (the beginning of my novel Brief Horizons), so I’ll probably end up on focusing on this. But I guess I’ll see when I get there.

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